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Getting Geared for WvW

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Blaise / May 31, 2016
I am adding new guardian builds with different variations to fit different playstyles and situations. Use if you would like, but please be aware that I am running "Save Yourselves", if you decide to run this only pop that ability if and only if a Revenant calls out Resistance. Otherwise you are playing with fire and must really pay attention to your health. I run it regardless, but sometimes I switch off depending on our group comp. These builds are made to be a support/dps that provides great synergy for our comps.

Things that you may want to swap out. "Save Yourselves" for another shout preferably "Hold the Line". Purging Flames for a trap like Test of Faith. The Bulwark Trait for Hunters Determination under the DH line. Protector's Impact for Protective Reviver under Honor. Also Strength of the Fallen for Smiter's Boon under Valor. Pure of Voice for Force or Will under Honor is also another very viable option. Also Weapon sets depending on playstyle. I would like to see some Hammers and Longbows to be honest.

Build 1

Variation 1 (I have been testing this quiet a bit, and like it)

Variation 2 (This is for my virtues people)

Variation 3 (I dunno why you would run this, but some argue Valor is better than honor)

Variation 4 (Old School Guard with some changes)

Build 2 (This is something Ghost came up with, but isn't exactly right because I don't remember fully.)

If you have questions ask me in TS or post them here and I will try to get to them.

I will have a Warrior Build up soon as well.